“Food – Fire – Friends  – Create unique moments.

Solutions custom made is the official agent for OFYR cooking units in French-speaking Switzerland.

The unique design of OFYR cooking units enhances every garden. Their transcendent sobriety and sculptural design create an equally unique look.

OFYR is changing the way cooking is perceived by the outside world. Instead of just one person preparing the meal, all guests can now participate. You can easily prepare and cook all types of products, whether meat, fish or vegetables.

OFYR frequently appears at events, from small gatherings to large dance events. OFYR always manages to “wow” visitors at an event and bring something new to the table. People often stop while walking to watch and take photos.

Trendy young chefs with lots of tattoos become the DJ when they cook on OFYR, and they love it!

The main reasons why OFYR works so well at events are experience and social factors. The skills of many other grids are located inside the device, so nothing can be observed. With OFYR, it’s exactly the opposite: everything can be observed. An event is about bringing people together, bonding and experiencing something special together. This is exactly what OFYR stands for. You can ask your guests to prepare something delicious themselves, or get a chef to demonstrate grills while interacting with the crowd. In any case, as you gather around the fire, you begin to open up and become intrigued by the cooking unit.
More information will follow soon on OFYR for professionals!

Whether you are a professional chef, a caterer, a restaurant, an event organizer, a hotel or whether you have a spacious garden or a balcony, OFYR meets all your needs. Thanks to our wide range of products, everyone can enjoy not only an exceptional kitchen, but also a complete outdoor kitchen concept.


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